Liberator is actively recruiting theatre fans to become local marketing champions for our films. Are you interested? Sign up now.

Become a Champion for our films and gain exclusive benefits

Why are we recruiting Champions?

One of the greatest challenges we face is getting our marketing message out to local fans of theatre. The limited marketing budgets that most Event Cinema releases have means that many people who would be interested in seeing one of our films only become aware of the release once it’s happened. They never get to see the film on the big screen, and share the collective experience of a cinema audience.

What does being a Champion involve?

If you are a fan of theatre and are active on social media, we want to recruit you to help in the local marketing of our films. We will provide you with a tool kit of online assets to post, and help promote local screenings. You may also want to contact the local newspaper, post flyers at local venues, and maybe even speak to your local radio station.

What do Champions receive in return?

Our Champions will get an opportunity to come and see how we film theatre shows, with exclusive set visits, and the chance to attend cast and crew screenings of our films. We will also enter you into prize draws for the opportunity to win exclusive merchandise.

Liberator will also send you DVD copies of each film you help to promote.

Are you interested? Sign up now by clicking here.